Saturday, June 11, 2011

Olivia is One Month Old!

I can't believe baby Olivia joined us a month ago. Time has flown by. She is developing a very easy going personality. She only fusses when she is hungry and loves snuggling with anyone that will hold her.

What a great big brother. Caleb is teaching Olivia how to play!

I really hope he doesn't teach her this trick!!

Happy boys with their baby girl!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Day of Pre-School :(

On the last day of preschool all of the parents were invited to watch Circle Time. This is when the kids sing their songs each day. They chose a few favorites to show us and it was ADORABLE. Caleb also enjoyed showing off his sister to all of his friends.

Caleb and Mrs. Payne, his teacher.

Then we were happy to have Shannon, Crystal, and Emma come visit and meet Olivia. Caleb and Emma had a great time playing together. As she left she told him to write her a love letter and "see you in 10 minutes". So cute!

Sleeping Beauty!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess Who

Wonder if these two children are related???


Olivia Marie Hood
May 11th, 2011
9:09am 9lbs, 8oz

This little girl kept us waiting a full week after her due date to arrive. Luckily when she did make her appearance it was after a very short 4 hour labor. She is such a good baby sleeping and eating constantly. Big brother Caleb loves his sister dearly and is adjusting well to the big life changes.

Misc. Pictures from the past few weeks

Caleb crashed a karate birthday party! Luckily the family didn't mind a little icing missing from their cake and Caleb doing all the party games! So nice to have a family business where everyone is great friends.

Grandma and Papa came over to Greenville for some warm showers and electricity after all of the awful tornadoes in Alabama. It was a fun weekend and Caleb was over the moon to get his first bike!!! We were so sad when their power came back on Monday and they had to leave.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Easter

With the baby's due date around the corner we kept all holiday plans to a minimum. The weekend before Easter we went to a fun Easter egg hunt at some friends house. Tommy and one of his students, Ethan, won the egg toss (with real unboiled eggs!!!) Then Caleb had fun collecting eggs. Last year he got only 3 eggs since he wanted to open them as he found them, I think he's starting to get the idea now though. He wouldn't even look at me for a picture becuase he was so focused on finding eggs.

On Easter Sunday the boys made me pancakes. This has become a weekend tradition. Then Oma (Mrs. Abele) came over for the day and we grilled out. We eventually did a little egg hunt in the front yard with our neighbors since you can't have Easter without eggs and candy!
It was a wonderful day, nice and relaxing. Baby Hood has still kept us guessing on arrival dates and we give up the idea of an Easter baby!

Disney Trip - February

Its true what they say, its such a happy place! Well it is when you go with great friends, have no lines, and your cousin acts as your personal tour guide!!! It was a wonderful family vacation and perfect timing as it will be a few years before we venture back this way with both kids.
We did Sea World, Magic Kingdom, downtown Disney, and Hollywood Studios. It was a very busy few days and I have hundreds of pictures, here are a few of our favorites!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow in SC!

I hear this is the biggest snow storm in 20 years in the South Carolina. I think we are under 6 inches of snow now with lots more to come this evening and tonight. We ventured out for a bit to check it out. This is the first time Caleb has ever been interested in playing outside. We have big snowman plans for after his nap today with a carrot nose and top hat! Of course we have neither! Bailey is also one happy dog, even though he looks a little scary in this picture!

Taking it all in

Father-son snow angels!

A snow day is not complete without hot chocolate and marshmallows. Caleb was the official marshmallow man, eating 90% of them!

Merry Christmas 2010!

For the Holidays we headed to "sunny" Florida for a few days. It was a great time staying with Brother and sis-in-law and the neices. Caleb followed Addie around, enjoying playing with all of her toys (which is mostly princess gear). Before leaving though we had to make sure Bailey wouldn't miss us too bad, so he had a new rawhide to work on!

Christmas morning, the kids realize Santa came!!!

My only picture of the 3 cousins. I think we were too busy chasing them and laughing to get many pics!

Caleb's viking costume from the movie How to Train Your Dragon

More costumes back at home. Police/Fireman/sword fighter combo

Visit To Santa Dec 19th

We went to Roper Mountain to see the Christmas lights, and of course visit with Santa!! Caleb could hardly contain his excitement as we waited in line!

While on Santa's lap, Caleb asked for all of the characters from the Cars movie (Lighting McQueen, Doc, Mater, Sally, ect...) This is the first we have heard of this, with only 4 days left until Christmas!
I think the candy cane was also a highlight. We immediately had to go home and get him in the tub. Even his hair got sticky!